Psalm 83:1

O God, keep not thou silence; hold not thy peace, and be not still, O God. - Psalm 83:1

Oh that God would break the silence! If He would but say one word! If we might but hear that voice -deep as the sound of many waters, and tender as the call of love -just to say that He was there; that all which we believed was true; that He was satisfied and pleased; that our perplexities would work out right at last! It is so difficult sometimes to go on living day by day without one authoritative word; and we are prone to rebuke Him for silence, that He is still, that He holds his peace. "Be not Thou silent unto me, lest I be like those that go down into the pit."

But God has not kept silence. The Word was manifested. In Him the silence of eternity was broken. And if thou and I are still, if our ear is purged, and anointed with the blood and oil, if we make a great silence in our heart, we shall hear Him speak.

"Where is thy haunt, Eternal Voice?
The region of thy choice;
Where, undisturbed by earth, the soul
Owns thy entire control."

'Tis not where torrents are born, nor amid snowcapped peaks, nor in the break of the surf; but in the heart, weaned from itself, isolated in chambers of sickness, cast among strangers, yearning for tender voices that cannot make themselves heard -there God is no longer still. He breaks the silence. "Comfort ye, comfort ye, my people, saith your God." "It is I; be not afraid." It is always easy to detect God's voice, because it is full of Jesus, who is the Word of God, and it is corroborated by Providence; but the heart must be still, and on the listen!