Psalm 81:7

Thou callest… I delivered; I answered in the secret place of thunder. - Psalm 81:7

Such trouble as Israel passed through in the Exodus comes but once in the history of a nation. From the brick-kilns and treasure-cities which they built, God's people called to Him with strong cryings and tears, extorted by insupportable sorrows. Still more did they need to cry for help when they stood between the Egyptians and the waters of the Red Sea. From the beach a nation's call rose to God. Then was their trouble and heart-travail -a nation in throes of pain! Are you in trouble? Call upon God in the day of trouble; He will answer.

God's answers are often in the secret place of thunder. From his pavilion of cloud God spoke in tones of thunder that pealed over the heavily-breaking surf of the Red Sea. Several of the Psalms allude to the thunderstorm that rolled through the night of the passage through the deep. The march of Israel was to the roll of thunder. The peals of heaven's artillery struck dismay into the hearts of the alien; but it was as though the Father was speaking to his children, the people with whom He was in covenant.

God's answer to our prayer is often in thunder tones that hurtle through the air. By terrible things in righteousness He answers us. When Jesus asked the Father to glorify his name, the quiet reply, "I have . . . and will," which He understood, sounded like thunder to the bystanders. Happy the child who in thunder-claps detects the Father's voice, and in mystic characters of flame reads the Father's handwriting! Whilst, at Sinai, the people trembled at the repeated thunder-peals reverberating above them, Moses went into the thunder-covert where God was. There is no fear in love, because perfect love casteth out the fear that hath torment.