Psalm 74:20

Have respect unto the covenant. - Psalm 74:20

What a marvellous ejaculation! Here is a broken heart, pouring out its wail into the ear of God about his sanctuary and city. His adversaries have broken into the sacred precincts, and have hewn down its exquisitely carved work with hammer and hatchet. They were as men who lift up the hatchet against a forest of trees. There is nothing more utterly sad than the lament, "We see not our signs: there is no more any prophet; neither is there any among us that knoweth how long."

But from it all the suppliant rises to a climax of insistent appeal, and bids God have respect unto the covenant, made centuries before with Abraham and his seed. This was an appeal which struck right home to the heart of God. He could not deny Himself.

Here is an attitude in prayer, which can only be taken when the soul has become intimate with God, and come to close grip with Him. When every other reason has been marshalled, and every argument alleged; when still the answer tarries, and the case is desperate, then turn to God, and say, "Thou canst not run back from the terms of the covenant to which Thou hast pledged Thyself. This is included in the bond of agreement. I claim that Thou shouldst do as Thou hast said."

The covenant is set out at length in Heb 8:1-13. It will cover all the exigencies of our lives. And by Gal 3:14 we may also place ourselves under the provision of the three-fold covenant which God ratified with Abraham. In every trial, when desiring any blessing, when the crashing blows of the adversaries' hatchet are heard, turn to God, and say, "Have respect unto the covenant, of which Jesus is the Mediator and his blood the seal."