Psalm 73:1

Only good is God to such as are pure in heart - Psalm 73:1

God is only good. Such is the better rendering of the original. He makes "all things work together for good to them that love Him." However unlike goodness something in your lot may be, turn from the suggestions of sense to the affirmations of faith, and dare to say,

"His every act pure blessing is,
His path unsullied light."

Nothing so glorifies God as when a Cowper, rescued from the border of despair, snatched from committing suicide, dares still to cling to his belief in the goodness of God.

Our faith is sometimes assailed, as Asaph's was, by the anomalies we meet with in the world. The wicked prosper, whilst the waters of a full cup are wrung out to the people of God. The scribes and Pharisees greedily devour widows' houses, and prey on the helpless; whilst earnest merit seeks for work and. recognition in vain. It is a strange world, full of contradictions, perplexities, and insoluble questions; but through it all God's children must dare to affirm that He is only good. You do not feel it? Nevertheless, reason, Scripture, experience, demand that you should assert it. The fact is, we have lost the standpoint of vision. The psalmist found these things too painful till he went into the sanctuary of God, and then he understood. Do not take earth as the centre of the universe, but the sun. Do not look at God from circumstances, but at circumstances from God. Live continually with Him: then will mystery become unravelled, and dark problems solved. Above all, be pure in heart, free from the stain of sense, with one purpose. Thou shalt see the soul of good in what seems evil.