Psalm 66:10

Thou, O God, hast proved us; thou hast tried us as silver is tried. - Psalm 66:10

Silver is tried by fire, and the heart by pain. "We went through fire." But in the fire thou shalt not be burned; only thy dross shall be removed. The smell of burning shall not pass upon thee, for the form of the Son of God shall be at thy side.

"Be still, and He shall mould thee for his heritage of rest;
The vessel must he shapen for the joys of Paradise.
And if the great Refiner in furnaces of pain
Would do his work more truly, count all his dealings gain."

The main end of our life is not to do, but to become. For this we are being moulded and disciplined each hour. You cannot understand why year after year the stern ordeal is perpetuated; you think the time is wasted; you are doing nothing. Yes, but you are situated in the set of circumstances that gives you the best opportunity for manifesting, and therefore acquiring, the qualities in which your character is naturally deficient. And the Refiner sits patiently beside the crucible, intent on the process, tempering the heat, and eager that the scum should pass off, and his own face become perfectly reflected in the surface.

Only be satisfied, with Archbishop Leighton, that nothing can befal thee but what has first passed concerning thee in the courts of heaven. And say with the saintly Fletcher: "I felt the will of my God like unto a soft pillow, upon which I could lie down and find rest and safety in all circumstances. Oh, it is a blessed thing to sink into the will of God in all things. Absolute resignation to the Divine will baffles a thousand temptations; confidence in our Saviour carries us sweetly through a thousand trials."