Psalm 64:10

The righteous shall be glad in the Lord - Psalm 64:10

Are you glad in your Christian life? Gladness is the perquisite of children and childlike hearts, and there is nothing which is more distinctively characteristic of the work of grace in the heart than Christian gladness. The world may simulate it, but it is conscious of its dreary failure. Often faded worldlings will come to the true Christian, saying, What is the secret of your perennial gladness?

The glad heart is conscious of the love of God; knows that it is reconciled through the blood of the cross; realizes that there is nothing between itself and the light of the Father's smile; is conscious of rectitude in intention and tenderness of yearning love and pity. In every difficult circumstance it recognises the Father's appointment; in every archipelago of rocks it is aware of the presence of God aboard the vessel, holding the helm and keeping the keel in the deepest current.

O souls, get right with God! avail yourselves of the perfect righteousness of Christ; watch that there be nothing between you and Him; walk in the light as He is in the light; cultivate the habit of considering what has been given rather than what has been withheld -and you will find that He will make you glad in proportion to the days in which He has afflicted you, and the years in which you have seen evil. The sad heart tires in a mile. The glad one mounts up with wings as eagles. After his vision Jacob "lifted up his feet, and came to the land of the children of the East" (Gen 29:1 R. V.).

"Oh for the joy thy presence gives -
What peace shall reign when Thou art here!
Thy presence makes this den of thieves
A calm, delightful house of prayer."