Audio Sermon: Constant Cravings

Download and/or listen to the following audio sermon:

Constant Cravings
preached by Pastor Jason Lim
at Gospel Light Christian Church Singapore


The following outline is a 'discussion suggestion guide' for the pastor, small group leader or a facilitator in a small group; to assist the facilitator to lead the group in discussing the sermon and its principles and/or application, AFTER listening to the audio sermon.

Discussion #1: The Meaning
God gives us desires. But covetousness is when we allow our desires to step out of bounds, especially when it is fueled by discontentment or dissatisfaction

What are the things that people covet?
What do you covet?
Why do you covet?

Discussion #2: The Misery
Covetousness brings sorrow, strife and sins (other sins)

How has covetousness affected our society? Do you have friends stuck in this misery?
How have you been affected by covetousness?

Discussion #3: The Medicine
There are 3 elements described in 1Tim- Contentment, Commitment (to God), and Contribution (giving)

How do you stay away from covetousness?