Psalm 63:8

My soul followeth hard after thee - Psalm 63:8

This is a marvellous saying. Literally rendered, the words are, "cleaves after Thee" -contact and eager pursuit. The metaphor which underlies it is obviously borrowed from the psalmist's familiarity with the wilderness. It is a dry and thirsty land, where no water is: one says that he knows of a secret spring, whose waters are clear and cool, and offers to lead the thirsty one to its margin, lined with mosses and grasses. Instantly the soul starts in pursuit, and follows hard on the footsteps of the pioneer.

So when we are athirst for God, He comes, and, in the person of Jesus, leads us to Himself. He is Guide and Guerdon, Prompter of the impulse, and Promoter of its satisfaction. He excites the desire, offers to show us its sufficient supply, and finally brings as to his own lovingkindness, which is better than life. It becomes us, then, to follow hard after Him. Let us do as Jonathan's armour-bearer, to whom the young prince said, Come up after me. And Jonathan climbed up upon his hands and feet, and his armour-bearer after him, and the Philistines fell before Jonathan, and his armour-bearer slew after him.

Follow hard after Christ, over hedge and ditch, through stubble and gorse, across dyke and brook. sometimes down the steep fall into the hollow, and again breasting the mountain slope, in the teeth of the pitiless blast. He has left an example that we should follow his steps. The scent lies lightly; catch it ere it fade. What though the fresh blood marks the track -follow hard! Follow on to apprehend that for which thou wast apprehended. Press toward the mark. Let there be no needless space between the Master and thee.