Psalm 57:2

God performeth all things for me. - Psalm 57:2

It seemed to David that he was condemned to spend his days in a lion's den; on every side were blasphemy and reproach; his enemies breathed out flames, and their slanders cut like swords. But amid it all he steadily looked away to God, the Most High, who from his elevation would reach down to deliver, and would surely accomplish all that was necessary. It is a marvellous thing to consider that God is literally willing to perform all things in us, and for us, if only we will let Him. The mischief is that most of us insist on performing all things in the energy of our own resolve, in the strength of our own power. We shut God out of our life: and whilst He is coming to our help, we have forced ourselves, and offered the sacrifice to our own hurt.

Before, therefore, God will perform all things for us, as He did for his servant, we must learn, like him, to wait in his presence that He may teach us our absolute poverty and helplessness; that He may assure us of our need of absolute and unceasing dependence; that He may open our eyes to see the wellspring which Hagar saw on the desert sand. The fixed heart (Psalm 57:7), fixed only upon God, set upon waiting his time, receiving his help, and doing all things according to the inspiration and energy of his Spirit, is absolutely essential.

Awake the dawn, O child of God (Psalm 57:8). Give thanks to God: sing his praises (Psalm 57:9): let thy aspiration be for his exaltation (Psalm 57:5-11): let thy heart be. fixed in its resolve to take deliverance from none, other -and He will send forth his twin-angels, Mercy and Truth (Psalm 57:3). They will come, even into the lion's den, and save thee from those who would, swallow thee up (Psalm 57:4).