Audio Sermon: Dare To Be A Daniel

Download and/or listen to the following audio sermon:

Dare To Be A Daniel
Daniel 1
preached by Pastor Jason Lim
at Gospel Light Christian Church Singapore


The following outline is a 'discussion suggestion guide' for the pastor, small group leader or a facilitator in a small group; to assist the facilitator to lead the group in discussing the sermon and its principles and/or application, AFTER listening to the audio sermon.

Discussion #1: The Pressure

Nebuchadnezzar wanted to “Babylonize” Daniel. Satan wants to corrupt our youths too.

What are the evil influences your children / youth are exposed to today?
What is the spiritual state of our next generation?

Discussion #2: The Purpose

Daniel resolved not to compromise. His faith was commendable, courageous, consistent, conspicuous and confident.

Share the tough but right decisions you have made in your life.
Share how Daniel’s faith has encouraged you.

Discussion #3: The Promotion

God blessed Daniel and his friends (1Sam 2:30)

Share how God has honoured your steps of faith.

Share how GLCC can reach the next generation.
Share how you can improve as a parent.
Share how you can serve the young people in GLCC
Share how you are encouraged today to be like Daniel.