Audio Sermon: The Sound Of Abundance Of Rain

Download and/or listen to the following audio sermon:

The Sound Of Abundance Of Rain
1 Kings 18
preached by Pastor Jason Lim
at Gospel Light Christian Church Singapore


The following outline is a 'discussion suggestion guide' for the pastor, small group leader or a facilitator in a small group; to assist the facilitator to lead the group in discussing the sermon and its principles and/or application, AFTER listening to the audio sermon.

Key thought: God’s Promise of Rain is realized by Prayer

Discussion #1: The Promise of Rain

God gives us promises of revival / refreshing rain - 2Chr 7:14, Isa 44:3, Acts 2:17.

Is there dryness in your life / family/ ministry?
What is it that causes the spiritual dryness?
What must be done before the windows of Heaven will be opened?

Discussion #2: The Prayer for Rain

Elijah was not passive nor proud. He got down to his knees in prayer.

How is your prayer life (personal / family / ministry / church)?
Discuss the importance of prayer
What are some characteristics of prevailing / powerful prayer

Discussion #3: The Provision
God’s answer may take time. And it can have small beginnings- as in a little cloud

Share how God has blessed you with “little clouds” in the sky
Share the areas that you need “rain” in – let the whole group pray for one another.