Audio Sermon: Holy R & R

Download and/or listen to the following audio sermon:

Holy R & R
Exodus 20
preached by Pastor Jason Lim
at Gospel Light Christian Church Singapore


The following outline is a 'discussion suggestion guide' for the pastor, small group leader or a facilitator in a small group; to assist the facilitator to lead the group in discussing the sermon and its principles and/or application, AFTER listening to the audio sermon.

Key thought: A blessed provision for you to honour the LORD

Discussion #1: The Perversion

Instead of being a blessing, the Jews have twisted the Sabbath into a burden.

Sharing: Do we misunderstand God’s word, and make them to be burdensome? Do we impose our own applications on others?

Discussion #2: The Purposes

The Sabbath is a blessing- for rest, remembrance, reliance and relief.

Share what you and your family do on the Christian Sabbath.
How do you plan to spend your Sundays henceforth?

Discussion #3: The Promise

God attaches blessings to the Sabbath. He honours those who honours Him. Share the blessings you have had as you honour the Lord in the Sabbath.