Psalm 55:22

Cast thy burden upon the Lord - Psalm 55:22

We all know the story of the man wearily trudging along the road with the burden on his back, to whom a friend offered a lift in his cart. To the latter's surprise the wayfarer sat beside him with his burden still strapped to his shoulder. "Why do you not put your burden down?" quoth he. "Thank you," was the reply, "I am so obliged at your carrying me that I will not trouble you with my burden also." And so he hugged it still. How many a child of God trusts Him with his soul, but not with his load! Yet if God has undertaken the greater, surely He may be trusted with the less. If He has borne thy sins, He can surely carry thy sorrows.

Thy burden, as the margin suggests, is "that which He hath given thee." Whatever it be -the weight of a church, the pressure of a family, the burden of other souls -thy Father hath given it thee. Give its pressure back to Him, whilst thou retainest the salutary lesson of hourly patience and faith. God imposes burdens, to see what we will do with them. We may carry them to our undoing, or we may cast them on Him for his blessed countenance.

"Oh for the faith to cast our load,
E'en while we pray, upon our God,
Then rise with lightened cheer."

Notice, that if we cast our burden, we must believe He takes it. We must definitely leave it with Him, and count as a positive sin the temptation to reconsider it. When you cast your burden, God will take it, and will do more. He will sustain you. He will catch up your burden and you, and bear you all the day long between his shoulders.