Psalm 52:8

But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God. - Psalm 52:8

In its dress of evergreen, the olive is at all times a beautiful object. Many reasons demand that we should resemble it. There are three ways of becoming like a green olive tree, mentioned in this and the following verses : -

Trust in the mercy of God. - To trust when the light has burnt to its socket in the house of life, and the heart is as lonely as Job's amid the wreck of his home. To believe that the mercy of God is not clear gone, nor his tender mercies have failed. To know that all is well, that seems most ill. This keeps the heart from withering.

Thanksgiving. - "I will give thee thanks for ever." There is always something to thank God for. When some one condoled with the old slave woman, because she had only two teeth left, she replied quickly, "But I thank Him, honey, all the time, that they are opposite each other." Find out with Paul something to be happy about, even when arraigned before a judge, on trial for your life. "I think myself happy, King Agrippa."

Waiting on God. - Not always talking to Him or about Him, but waiting before Him, till the stream runs clear; till the cream rises to the top; till the mists part, and the soul regains its equilibrium. This keeps the soul calm and still. The name of God is good, a wholesome theme for meditation, because it includes his nature. To meditate on it is soul-quieting and elevating. O troubled one, get away to some quiet spot and wait on God! Look away from the wind and waves to the face of Jesus. The Divine Name is written on those dear features; and heaven looks forth from those true, deep, tender eyes. The house of God is a safe and sheltered place for his olive-trees!