Audio Sermon: Dealing With Distress

Download and/or listen to the following audio sermon:

Dealing With Distress
Exodus 14
preached by Pastor Jason Lim
at Gospel Light Christian Church Singapore


The following outline is a 'discussion suggestion guide' for the pastor, small group leader or a facilitator in a small group; to assist the facilitator to lead the group in discussing the sermon and its principles and/or application, AFTER listening to the audio sermon.

Discussion #1: Trial

We are often faced with Red Sea situations- hemmed in on every side.

Share the pressures and difficulties you are facing in your life currently.

Suggestion: The group to pray for each individual immediately after they share.

Discussion #2: Trust

Share how you wait upon the Lord “to fear not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord”.

Share also how you walk before the Lord- how you took practical steps to Go Forward.

Discussion #3: Triumph

Share about the victories God has given you in your life.

Suggestion: As a group, praise God in songs / prayer for every victory shared.