The Gospel In A Nutshell

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Perfect Soundness

In an American locomotive shed there is an instrument, something like a piano, for testing engines. The sound of each part of the engine, when in a perfect state, is in unison with the corresponding note in the testing machine. The slightest flaw in any of the parts will cause a discord, and so reveal its weakness. The Word of God is a perfect testing instrument for man's character and life. If our thoughts and acts are not in harmony with it, it is because there is some defect in us somewhere. The character that is perfectly sound will be in perfect accord with this Divine instrument.

Provision For The Flesh

Just before Lent the Roman Catholics have what they call the time of carnival, which literally means the solace of the flesh. If they must fast during Lent the flesh must have special license beforehand. Solacing the flesh is not confined to Romanists. We are warned to make no provision for the flesh. If we live in the flesh the flesh will make provision for itself; if we live in the Spirit the lusts of the flesh will be crucified.



The word in italics in the texts is one and the same in the Greek.

1. A Subjective Saviour. “Thus it becometh us to fulfil all righteousness” (Mat_3:15).

2. A Suffering Kinsman. “It became Him,” etc. (Heb_2:10).

3. A Holy Priest. “Such an high priest became us” (Heb_7:26).

4. A Woman’s Attitude. “Is it comely (becoming) that a woman?” (1Co_11:13).

5. A Saintly Walk. “As becometh saints” (Eph_5:3).

6. A Corresponding Act. “Which become sound doctrine” (Tit_2:1).

7. An Answering Life. “Which becometh women professing godliness” (1Ti_2:10).
"The Lord is my portion, says my soul; therefore I will hope in Him." Lam_3:24

It is our great privilege, beloved, that we live in a portionless world. This is both our distinctive badge and our Christian charter. When God parceled out the land of Canaan among the tribes of Israel, He made an exception in the tribe of Levi, to whom He said, "You shall have no inheritance in the land, neither shall you have any part among them;" assigning as His reason, "I am your share and your inheritance." The gospel teaching of this is obvious and significant. As the Lord's true priesthood, this world is not our portion, nor earth our rest. It may have required some painful discipline, and no small measure of faith, on the part of the devout Levite, as he gazed upon the fertile meadows, the watered plains, and the vine-clad hills of the Promised Land, before he was made willing to relinquish it all for Him who is invisible--and it needs no little teaching and discipline of our God, and no little faith on our part, before we are led to give up the world, the creature, self, and all, for Christ--satisfied to have the Lord alone as our Portion, and heaven only as our inheritance.
But the Lord will not put His people off with anything unworthy of Him to give, or them to accept. He has set them apart for Himself, and Himself apart for them. "All believers are the Lord's CLERGY; and as they are His portion, so He is theirs." (Leighton.) "The Lord's portion is His people, Israel is the lot of His inheritance." "The Lord is my portion, says my soul." His love to us was so great, that when He could give no greater proof of that love, He gave HIMSELF. Nothing more could have expressed the yearnings of His heart, nothing less could have satisfied the desires of ours.
And oh, what a Portion is God! All that He is and all that He has is ours! Every attribute of His being is over us, every perfection of His nature encircles us, every pulse of His heart beats for us, every glance of His eye smiles upon us. We dwell in God, and God dwells in us. It is not the world which is our portion, but HE who made, upholds and governs the world. It is not the creature who is our portion, but the Lord of angels and the Creator of men. Infinite portion! illimitable power! immeasurable grace! boundless love! all-satisfying good! all, all is ours!

And what a Portion, O my soul, is Christ! A divine Christ, a redeeming Christ, a full Christ, a sympathizing, ever-present, ever-precious, ever-loving Christ.

'Lord, I bless You for the discipline that brought me to realize what a divine, all-satisfying Portion I have in Yourself. You took from me an earthly portion, only to enrich me with a Heavenly one. You removed from me the human prop upon which I too fondly and idolatrously leaned, that I might learn what Christ was, as my soul's all-sufficient, all-satisfying, and everlasting Portion. I can now admire the wisdom and adore the love that blasted my gourds and emptied me from vessel to vessel, that, rising superior to the broken staff, the drooping flower, and the failing spring of creature good, I might claim my portion as a true spiritual Levite in Yourself alone.'

Believer in Jesus! make the most of your portion. It is all-sufficient for all your need. God has, perhaps, made you poor in this world, that you might be rich in faith and an heir of that kingdom of glory, the New Jerusalem, He has prepared for you--whose foundations are precious stones, whose walls are jasper, whose gates are pearls, whose streets are pure gold, and through which softly flows the river of the water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and the Lamb, in the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river is the tree of life, bearing twelve manner of fruit, and yielding her fruit every month. All this awaits you! Hope in the Lord, hope in adversity, hope in trial, hope against hope, for God in Christ is your present and eternal Portion. "The Lord is my Portion, says my soul; therefore I will HOPE in Him."

Spiritual Blindness

"Men tell us sometimes," says Drummond, "there is no such thing as an atheist. There must be. There are some men to whom it is true there is no God. They cannot see God, because they have no eye." When the fool says in his heart, there is no God, it would appear that in his foolish heart he believes what he says, because he has actually no capacity for seeing God, because of the blindness of his heart. That purity of heart which sees God, is a God-given eye to see Himself.


There is a variety of apple called "Apple-John," which is considered to be in perfection when it is shrivelled and withered. There are also those who believe in an apple-John religion, which to them is perfect only when it is thoroughly dried up of all spiritual power and utterly destitute of the sap of life and growth. The trees of the Lord are full of sap.

Spiritual Education

True education is not the cramming of the mind with different ideas, but the developing of our capacities, so that their real character may be brought out to the best advantage, and the highest purposes of our lives accomplished. In the caterpillar all the rudiments of the butterfly may be seen, but a great change is needful to liberate the higher faculties, and make the caterpillar that new creature it seeks to be. Jesus Christ said, "Learn of Me." He educates by regenerating the character and opening the way for the full development of all the capacities of the new man. To learn of Christ, then, is to be conformed into His likeness, and so be able to fulfil all the purposes of God in the new life.

Tenacious Self

Perhaps the most ferocious animal in creation is the "hamster rat." When it takes a grip, rather than yield it will allow itself to be beaten in pieces with a stick. If it seizes a man's hand, it must be killed before it will quit its hold. How like this "hamster rat" is our own proud, unyielding, sinful self. That selfish spirit, that would cling to and suck the life out of the new heaven-born nature, will not quit its hold until it has been put to death.

Life-Giving Breath

In South America the wind from the marshes comes charged with the germs of intermittent fever, and often the most deadly cholera accompanies stillness in the atmosphere. A storm is the best purifier of the air, and the inhabitants long eagerly for it. From the marshy places of our lower nature the fever of lust and unsanctified passion comes. The stillness of inactivity and do-nothingness is always favourable to the cholera of doubt and unbelief. The great preventive is the soul-stirring breath of the Holy Ghost. When He comes as a mighty, rushing wind, the whole atmosphere of the life is purified.